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What's OJT

On job training gives candidates real life exposure to organisations, their work culture, the processes and policies of the industry. It is an essential part of the learning curve and makes the students job ready. Students until now have mastered the theoretical aspects of networking, information technology, or any other discipline. Hereafter the student spends time with more knowledgeable and skilled personnel of an organisation to learn the ropes in each department. They spend a week or so in each department to get familiar with the processes. Finally they may be given a small real time job to execute on their own. The coaching and mentoring given to students helps them to take on the job independently while reporting to the superior. Trainees, as they are referred to during this period, provide feedback on the course and work to superiors with close monitoring from mentors. This may be done till the trainees are able to execute the job flawlessly.

We are pleased to share the names of the companies where our candidates successfully completed on job training.

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